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Thread: Ode to the Banshee...

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    Ode to the Banshee...

    I am seriously in love with the Schecter Banshee. I think it's the best production guitar out there for me and I think it rivals some of the glory day Japanese Guitars that Ibby used to make. It may be rivaled by the Suhr Modern, but seriously... it's boss (and half the cost of that bad boy).

    Let's discuss... well, they either come with 59/Jazz setups or something metal-ly from Duncan if you go passive. The actives squeal with all the EMG delight. You can get it 6/7/8 or with a Floyd or fixed. Either way, the pickups and bridge options rock. The setups work out of the box so you're not fiddling around with some other BS because they can't get the darn pickups right.

    They have nice heavy quality locking tuners, a nice nut and they do a single coil thing with a push/pull pot. They don't monkey around with that middle pickup. The electronics feel quality and the knob feel is solid.

    I have one with Flatwound 12s on it as my jazzer. I have one with Elixir 10s on it as my metal-ler (it's actually an SLS Hellsgate, but I pretend it's a Banshee -- and I'm sure thinking about replacing it with a legit Banshee).

    They both rock. So let's get to the high point -- the NECK. Man, Schecter nailed it for me with that neck. If I really need to play my darn best, that neck is the ticket. I can't monkey around with a vibe-y Les Paul or tele or some nonsense if every note really counts and I don't want to Buddy Guy it. This guitar gives all access all the time.

    Oh and if you know how to setup a guitar, you realize that neck is so fricken stable it's a joke, given how thin it is.

    So I've been eyeing the heck out of the Suhr modern thinking... gee, maybe that has a leg up on the Banshee. I mean, it's got stainless frets, it's got booootique pickups, probably a bit more spit shine. The darn thing is that I cannot say for certainty that the neck carve will work as well as the darn Banshee. I've played some .8"-.85" and they're notably feeling different than a Banshee (which by the way feels similar - though not the same as a Wizard 1 to my hand).

    The darn Banshee is boss... hmm... maybe I need another one.

    Oh... and PS... the Banshee elite is even more boss, but I sure wish they'd do it in something less goofy looking. That flame-flame-flamery veneer on the headstock kills me. Ugh!

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    They are some very nice guitars. I've had good experiences with Schecter really and these look like a winner too.
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    Oh, you mean Schecter's version of the RG? Yeah, it's probably a pretty solid guitar, Schecter's QC is about the best I've seen out of Korea.
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    So......are they boss?
    Ode to the Banshee...-screen-shot-2015-07-16-11-22-38-am-png
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    I've been staring at these lately...thinking of maybe getting the Banshee Elite-6 FR S with my next tax return.

    Guitars : Banshee Elite-6 FR S

    Or maybe:

    Banshee Elite : BANSHEE ELITE-7 FR TTQ
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Oh, you mean Schecter's version of the RG? Yeah, it's probably a pretty solid guitar, Schecter's QC is about the best I've seen out of Korea.
    More like a Diny than an RG.

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    Those oversized pickup poles look like misplaced fretboard dots.
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    Banshee's are indeed damn fine guitars. I've had one of the prototypes for about a year now, it just has some slightly different specs that the final version. My only real complaint is a crack in the finish at the neck pocket. It stays in tune well, has low action with no buzz, and the neck feels great.

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