Why Gotoh tuners t-o-ms etc etc but NOT Floyd??

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Thread: Why Gotoh tuners t-o-ms etc etc but NOT Floyd??

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    Why Gotoh tuners t-o-ms etc etc but NOT Floyd??

    I really can't understand why the Gotoh Floyd never "takes off"? It's not even expensive, it's just a few bucks over a Floyd Rose special if you buy it aftermarket, and I guess it shouldn't be much more expensive to put in a production guitar than lets say a FRT-1000 trem.

    You can see "Gotoh Tuners" and "Gotoh Tune-O-Matic" on just about every mid to high level guitars, I think I've even find it on cheaper guitars at times... So apparently there's some awareness of Gotoh quality, since their products are being used. But the Gotoh Floyd? Good luck finding any reasonably priced guitars with those! Almost ALL guitars with Gotoh floyds are high-end guitars like Suhr, Ruokangas etc etc.

    I've found some exceptions, being Fernandes and actually recent japanese Fender strats, the latter even having a very good price tag!

    Does anybody have an idea why the Gotoh Floyd never takes off and becomes a standard like the Gotoh Tuners have become? It's quite cheap, and it's great quality... Two REALLY GOOD things at once.

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    The same reason Gibson are in business- brand recognition. Floyd Rose was THE name in locking trems. 35 years of being the number one system doesn't change easily. Plus, up until a few years ago the Gotoh floyd wasn't the quality piece it is now. When you've got a standardised unit like the OFR, parts are ubiquitous, most guitars conform to the standard spacing and they fit more things.

    However, Gotoh do make a shit ton of great trems that are very popular. Every Ibanez trem in the Edge series was made by Gotoh. Edge, Lo Pro Edge, Edge Pro, Edge Zero and Edge Pro Zero. They are one of the largest OEM manufacturers of hardware for guitar companies and that's the crux of their business.
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    You also only see the lower end gotoh stuff on production guitars - you dont see 510s as standard equipment anywhere.

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    Version 6 is probably right here - you do occasionally see Gotoh trems on high end guitars - Suhr switched over for their 6 strings, and probably would for their 7s if it was offered - but for the most part, the "original" Floyd Rose is the big name brand in the locking trem space.

    The Gotoh Floyd is awesome - now that you can buy a push-in trem arm for the OFR series the bar is a lot closer, but the Gotoh is a very attractive trem, has an arm holder that Floyd has only just matched, and the locking studs are a nice upgrade. And the Gotoh Wilkinson is one of my favorite "traditional" trems on the market. Their locking tuners are awesome, too.

    EDIT - just noticed that you mentioned Suhr. I think, for production guitars, it comes down to this - the OFR is cheaper, by a not-insignificant amount - $30-50 or so, as memory serves. The Gotoh meanwhile is also less well known and less popular than the OFR. So, by switching from the original to the "licensed" trem, you're increasing your unit cost and using a trem that, while awesome, has to be described as a "licensed" Floyd Rose, which is usually a detractor when shopping for a high end guitar. It doesn't make business sense.
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    Doesn't Gotoh make the 1000 Series Floyds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Doesn't Gotoh make the 1000 Series Floyds?
    No, that's Ping in Korea, IIRC.

    The story that Suhr posted all those years ago was that Floyd was sending him trems that were inconsistent, the fine tuners were'n't smooth, the saddles had issues, etc. Gotoh's QC was much higher/tighter.

    PS: Since Floyd's Patent on the Original wore out the Gotohs are no longer a "Licensed" anything.

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    I'm pretty sure Music Man uses Gotoh Floyds, and they're not exactly "high end".

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    Also, as a cost effectiveness measure, large guitar companies will buy in bulk. There's a reason why you see most metal guitar brands that use a ton of Floyd Rose trems & EMG pickups. If Gotoh can't match those bulk prices (or possibly, meet the demand), guitar companies will find someone who can.

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