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Thread: NGD: Forshage Orion Custom (you're probably gonna hate it!)

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    NGD: Forshage Orion Custom (you're probably gonna hate it!)

    So, years ago, I stumbled across Chris Forshage's work on the "Building the Ergonomic Guitar" blog. I really dug the shape, and wanted one.

    When I got my first-ever holiday bonus, I wanted to do something special with it. I had been following Forshage's work for a while, and decided to contact him about an order.

    Eighteen months later, this showed up in a surprisingly small box:


    -24.75" scale
    -Hollow Mahogany body
    -Flame Maple cap
    -Set flame maple neck with flame maple board and "accent line" binding
    -Jumbo stainless frets
    -Satin nitro finish
    -ABM headless system
    -Tune-O-Matic bridge
    -Bareknuckle Mississippi Queen neck and VHII bridge
    -Volume/Tone/Bass Roll-off controls
    -Coil tap for bridge pickup
    -Flame maple knobs (for extra tone!)
    -Custom-fit little gigbag that resembles a tennis racket case

    The attention to detail is excellent. Everything is cleanly cut, masked, and dealt with. Fretwork is great. Finish work is great.

    Really, though, it sounds *awesome.* With the two very different pickups and bass roll-off knob, I get a huge range of sounds, from almost Stratty cluck to huge fat Leslie West roar to single-pickup '80s rock. It's got a fast but slightly rounder attack than you get with a solidbody, and getting controllable feedback is super easy and a shitload of fun.

    Also, it plays great. Spent four and a half hours jamming yesterday and no arm/hand fatigue. The lack of a forearm contour takes some getting used to, but it feels great standing and (especially) seated and weighs very little.

    The shape isn't for everyone, but i dig it. Looking forward to getting some real playing time on this one.
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    Whoa. I honestly think that looks slick as hell, and comfortable too. Damn nice looking guitar, and that is a crazy flamed maple neck.

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    Oh fuck it finally came in? Congrats man, I know you've been waiting on it!

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    That is absolutely stunning. Congrats.

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    You are clearly a man of refined tastes, sir. That is a flat out awesome guitar.
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    That's uh.....interesting looking, but I think I like it. Any chance of clips?

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    I like the color, and all the flame?

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    That's a gorgeous hunk of mahogany on the back, too.


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