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Thread: NGD: Aristides 060 Strat (Light Blue Pearl)

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    NGD: Aristides 060 Strat (Light Blue Pearl)

    Hey guys,
    Just picked up an Aristides 060 Strat in Light Blue Pearl.

    I'm on a big Strat kick as of late, and as much as I love my '59 American Strat, I was thinking it would be cool to get myself something that is philosophically opposite to that guitar.

    This guitar doesn't have any wood on it at all. As with all of Aristides' Instruments, the body and neck are made of Arium and even the fretboard on this one is made of Richlite. Richlite doesn't look or feel dissimilar from wood, and this particular board has this aged maple look to it, but it has the advantage of not expanding and contracting with weather and humidity changes. I'd say that for me personally, the feel of a good ebony board is still my personal favorite, but this is a cool and very useful technology that is right as home on a space-age instrument such as this!

    The guitar has 24 stainless steel frets, and a relatively flat fretboard (12-16" compound radius) so it plays very smooth and fast, and the Hipshot contour bridge is probably the most comfortable strat bridge I have played thus far. The neck also features Luminlay side dots, which I am a big fan of. It also has Hipshot locking tuners.

    The only aspect that this guitar shares with my Strat is the Bare Knuckle Pickups set (Trilogy Suite bridge, Mother's Milk neck and middle).

    To sum it up, it plays like a fast and modern guitar, with all the appointments I would expect of a high end guitar built in 2015, but it sounds like a strat. Putting it up against my '59 Strat it has a slightly different character, a bit darker but a bit fuller at the bridge. The neck and middle have different characters based off of position alone, but they are still sufficiently "Stratty" and the split positions sound absolutely wonderful as a result. I'm very glad to have this guitar in my collection, and it will definitely find a lot of use on future recordings.

    Anyways here are pics:

    If you want to hear it in action, I used this guitar on these two videos:

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    Congrats Misha! To embed just use the film strip icon on the icon row and paste the whole youtube link from the URL bar, not the share bar.

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    That thing is sweet! I swore the fretboard was maple until you said otherwise. Very convincing.

    As for the youtube link. Use "video" instead of youtubevid, and copy the entire link from the url bar. It's different here and on the SS boards.
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    Thanks guys, fixed!

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    I still haven't had the chance to try an Aristides, but they're one company that's doing really exciting and innovative things.

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    That looks really pretty; I feel very guilty for saying that though, staunch traditionalist that I am.
    That probably won't stop me from lusting after one though...

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