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Thread: NGD: Kiesel Edition K8 - the first "Arctic"

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    NGD: Kiesel Edition K8 - the first "Arctic"

    OK folks, here it is the Kiesel Edition - K8 I had going on for the past 3 months. I came up with the reverse blue burst concept, today standardized as "Arctic"

    Here's a shot of the final product:

    Update: here's a quick video of me running this K8 through its paces (Lithium pickups and Graphtech Piezo), leads, rhythms, cleans, etc. Enjoy!

    Now some pics (there’s a TON):
    Pre-production (behind the scenes)
    Some pro-shots by Kiesel
    Specs and review below



    Pro shots:

    Swamp Ash body w/Antique Ash Treatment
    27” scale
    Custom “reverse” burst gloss finish w/binding effect (today standardized to ‘Arctic’)
    Flamed maple top (with wide pockets)
    Flamed fretboard, color treated (blue)
    Flamed back of body and headstock, regular “black denim” finish
    Black phenolic layers between the body and tops
    5-piece maple/black limba neck (tung oiled)
    White Kiesel Lithium pickups with coil splitting
    5-way blade switch (positions 2 and 4 split the coils)
    Hipshot bridge
    Graphtech piezo
    1 vol, 1 piezo switch and 1 piezo/pickups blender knob
    Single signature MOP inlay 12th fret
    Reverse headstock
    Chrome hardware
    Pearloid Kiesel locking tuners
    Knobs with MOP inlays

    This is absolutely a stunning piece. When you come into Kiesel Edition territory, new rules apply and will be defined by Jeff himself with you on the phone



    The amazing finish is the result of a few ideas I had. I knew I wanted a burst, blue + grey somewhere and even trans-white at some point. Jeff used his immense expertise to suggest what may or may have not worked. I ended up ditching the trans-white and decided for a “reverse” burst for a better theme with the treated fretboard, plus it looks less conventional. Jeff did an incredible job and liked the outcome so much he standardized the finish as “Arctic”.


    A much more comfortable body contour thanks to the beveled edges and increased arm bevel. The Kiesel Editions provide the 5-layer body and headstock construction


    The new Lithium pickups are really good, they have a lot of output (although still not as much as the A80’s), clarity and articulation (I love the pick attack)… this will be better explained with a few video demos coming soon And as I said before, they complement the tonal range of the A80’s. With coil splitting you get that “single” sound we all love (yes with the known extra noise) with excellent volume balance.


    Piezo, yes I went all in! This turns the guitar into a one stop shop for textures and styles. I can use the piezo alone or blend it (with a knob) with any of the pickup selections. This alone provides almost endless possibilities (unfortunately no active EQ is available for the piezo in this case).

    There’s not much more for me to say other than Iove this piece, it’s definitely the most versatile and beautiful axe I’ve owned to date. Thanks Jeff Kiesel!

    Stay tuned via my Facebook or YouTube for upcoming material of this baby in action

    Cheers! |m| |m|

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    Do you even Kiesel bro?

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    That does look killer. Don't think I'd ever do a fretboard like that but the finish is awesome and the rest doesn't look over the top gawdy.

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    Congrats bro! I watched your dc800 review video the other day! You got the reverse headstock and the passive pickups, so this guitar is pretty much perfect.

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    Not a fan of dyed fretboards, but the rest looks killer. I'm glad you like it!

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    Love that finish! Happy NGD!

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    But how do with know it's any good without some homogenized riffs to go along with it! /ballbusting

    I'm usually not a 'dyed fretboard' guy, and I think the 'blue-burst' thing is a little played out BUT that guitar ends up pulling both off really well. Nice score.
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    This is very pretty. Too bad about the lack of arm contour, but everything else looks great!
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