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Thread: NBD! Getting jazzy up in here...

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    NBD! Getting jazzy up in here...

    Haven't owned a bass in a long ass time!

    Picked up a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz 5 string.

    I'd heard that these are on par with Mexi Fenders, and after playing extensively on my bandmate's Fenders (Mexi, Japanese, and American) there's some truth behind that for sure. These are Indonesian made, so a cut above your average Squier gubbins. Great fit and finish, just wish the white was a little dirtier!

    Did a quick dUg-style tone test:

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    If I wasn't so hooked on 35'' basses, I'd be all over this.

    I quite liked the Active Jazz 5 I tried, but holy shit that thing had a huge neck.

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    That looks really slick. White and black is hard to beat.

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    That thing is fit. 5 string Jazz Bass in white/black? OH YES.

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    I got a real nice bass at home and I maybe played one time and made it sound like ass. I'm sure that thing will sound wicked if your driving it.
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    White Fenders with maple fretboards will always have my approval.

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    Nice, picked up one in natural a few weeks ago, does need thicker strings and a trussrod tweak but it's a damn good workhorse for the money

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    Can't go wrong with a good Jazz Bass

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