PSA: Someone buy this so I don't have to.

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Thread: PSA: Someone buy this so I don't have to.

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    PSA: Someone buy this so I don't have to.

    1992 Jackson Dinky XL Professional Electric Guitar | eBay

    I've checked in on this twice a day for the past two days and can't believe it's still here at such an outstanding price. Resisted the urge to buy it so far, since I don't need more guitars, so one of you should snag it.

    If you don't know, this is among the nicest guitars Jackson produced and easily equal to USA Dinkies. Also, it is aged white, which is gorgeous. Guaranteed better than any RG you could find.

    XL series is the same quality as the top end Pros of the time period, but with Rosewood instead of ebony, for those of you wondering.

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    That's pretty cheap
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    that's an absolute steal for $350.00. I need to move out a couple of my current stable before the wife gets pissy with me so I have to pass on this
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    Damn. Too bad it's basswood.

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    ^The basswood on my Fusion Pro actually didn't sound too bad. I've had a handful of Basswood guitars I thought were OK, though I generally don't like the tonewood, and that was one of the better ones. So I'd imagine this would be relatively in the same camp, being a similar vintage. My Fender HM and all Ibanezes in general are the ones I dislike.

    Of course, there are plenty of people here who do like basswood. So it's a moot point.

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    I've played some GREAT Music Man basswood guitars. Even my old JP7 sounded awesome live, but didn't hold up well against other guitars in the studio.

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    Are the Dinkys really that much more than the Fusions? I thought 300-400 was the going rate for the XL bolt ons
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