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Thread: NGD - A foregone conclusion

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    NGD - A foregone conclusion

    I posted a few days ago about a deal Zzounds was having on the black burst Schecter Banshee 7. Truth is, I was only posting in case someone else here wanted one at that price. I had already pulled the trigger. It and its case arrived yesterday but I only opened it today.

    I'm still brand new to 6-string, not sure why I wanted a 7-string, but who am I kidding... I'm going to be djenting with this bastard every opportunity I get.

    This is a Schecter Banshee 7P - yeah, I went for passive. Nazgul and Sentient pickups, hipshot bridge, string through alder body, maple/walnut neck, ebony fretboard, quilted maple top, push-pull tone pot for split, and a hard case.

    I didn't trade anything, I didn't have a real need for it, I just bought the thing.

    Oh, and in case anyone is interested, they just put the red ones on sale as well.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Passives and a hardtail. Win and more win

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    Yup all win here. Nice snag bacon! How are you finding the pickups?

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    You don't mess around Bacon, that is one sweet RG7 and I mean that as a compliment. Alder, passives, hard-tail, locking tuners such a solid deal. They where smart to make a 7 sting guitar in flat top SS form.
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    Thanks guys!

    Adam -

    I played it for an hour or so, just kind of running it through what I've been messing around with. I'll say this... they're completely different than anything else I have, especially the EMG's.

    They have a big, dark, full voice - the only way I can describe it is "more." Plugged into the 5150 on high gain rhythm with crunch, it produces a warm, aggressive growl that I really, really like. They don't sound flat at all and they're responsive to pick attack.

    I haven't really messed with the low B other than to gallop a little - mostly sticking to the lower 6 just now. I'll spend more time with it tonight, but there's other stuff I should be working on.
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    How's the bridge positioning on it? That's one thing that's been keeping me from picking one up since I haven't tried one.

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    Daamn that thing looks cool!

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    That looks great!

    One thing to make note of, as I just recently bought a Shecter C7 Blackjack-- For some reason, Schecter's factory setup has the action medium/high. I don't know why cause lately, they have REALLY good fretwork on them. It'll play a million times better if you bring that shit down on it.
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