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Thread: NMJGD: New Modded Jackson Guitar Day

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    NMJGD: New Modded Jackson Guitar Day

    I have been sitting on this project for months and I finally got the time to do it.

    I started with this guitar:

    I look out the horrid Nazgul pickup and promptly sold it with the matching, but not horrid Sentient neck pickup.

    I added Full Shreds for max br00tz bruh (no pic unfortunately )

    Then I got the idea that I needed an HSH 7 string. That led me to doing this:

    The black button in place of the toggle is a kill switch that isnt wired currently. I also have black mini toggles on order.

    The middle pickup is a Seymour Duncan SSL 5-7 RWRP. This thing sings!

    I was able to use a buddy's CNC to carve all the added switches but I had to do the relief cuts in the cavity by hand. The mini toggles are almost sunk full depth. I used a 5/8" brad point after drilling the pilot holes to counter sink them into the cavity. I used a 3/4" very sharp chisel to provide the relief for the super 5 way.

    Some Close ups of the insane wiring I did. This allows me get Strat, Tele, and Humbucker tones from one guitar.

    The super switch is wired like this:
    1. Bridge
    2. Bridge outside coil + Middle
    3. Bridge + Neck
    4. Neck outside coil + Middle
    5. Neck

    The mini toggles are coil taps for the neck and bridge in positions 1, 3, and 5.

    The push/pull on the tone changes position 3 from B+N to just the middle pickup.

    This was a lot of fun and I will be doing it again shortly.


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    Wirelessly posted (iBrone)

    Looks awesome. Love the green and blue colors.

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    Well, that's an insane wiring cavity. Very clean routing, too.

    Also, Seanbabs!
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    Nice work! I've been slacking on my crazy wiring jobs

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    That guitar with HSH looks so much more appealing than the original HH variant! Good work!!!!!

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    Are you going to use the same pickups in the blue one?
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