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Thread: Belated NGD + NAD

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    Belated NGD + NAD

    I've just recently joined a metal cover band and after auditioning I realised that my Laney VC50 wasn't going to quite cut it. I also realised that all my guitars had Floyd Roses so it was time to get a fixed bridge guitar, preferably something with more strings.

    So over the past few weeks I've been putting shit together.

    First was the guitar

    I traded my Charvel for this RG8 already installed with EMG808 and 808-85 pickups. It sounds huge and for a 27 inch scale length guitar, it plays very comfortably

    Now the amp

    JSX with an RD Amplification oversized 2 x 12 cab. Celestion G12H30's. Even without a boost this thing kills.

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    Sweet! Not seen those RDs before but it looks pretty cool. And I've still never heard a jsx (knowingly). Glad you like it!

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    Nice! That's Peavey's Joe Satriani signature amp, I think. I've seen a few notes on it as being a very versatile amp, although I've never heard one.

    Good snags all around.
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    Grats love the JSX. Planning on changing the tubes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    Grats love the JSX. Planning on changing the tubes?
    KT77 or GTFO
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    Great amps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post

    KT77 or GTFO
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