NGD, and indecision.

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Thread: NGD, and indecision.

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    NGD, and indecision.

    Figured I'd post a photo of the more interesting guitars I have. Okay, really only one that is interesting, the Kramer Baretta on the left which I bought at the factory closing sale in Neptune NJ around '91 or '92? Anyway, it still plays great, I'm thinking a new FR and pickups might be getting put in soon, it's still completely original and the Floyd is definitely a bit worn out.

    NGD, and indecision.-dsc09879-jpg

    The SC607B I recently got used on Craigslist pretty cheap, and it's a really nicely made guitar overall, but there's a few things about it I'm not really liking. Especially after I also recently bought the new Schecter Banshee 7 and was able to compare both. I had to send the first Banshee back because it was seriously fucked up. Finish on the fretboard was a mess, huge chips in the paint around the string ferrules, and the strings were off-center meaning the neck was probably not bolted on straight. I was bummed, but read from more than a few reviews that it was typical for them to be hit or miss. So the replacement came and wow, this one is almost perfect. A seriously amazing guitar for what I paid.

    So I realized a few things, now that I have tried out two very different 27" scale guitars. One is that I understand why a lot of you hate that scale length. I have these both tuned to B standard and riffs do sound a little weird, the typical chords I would play on my 6 string are much... darker sounding on the 27" scale? It's not a bad sound, it's just different. And the LTD is the first time I've played a guitar with EMGs and I have to say that I think they sound like shit. Maybe I should try the 18v mod, because these on the single battery sound compressed and tonally lifeless. Could also be the guitar, I know. And that brings me to another thing, the TOM bridge on the LTD didn't seem that bad until I played the Schecter with the hipshot. Made the TOM feel like it sat a mile off the guitar body. I totally love the hipshot bridge.

    So I'm pretty sure that I will flip the LTD. My real problem is with deciding whether or not to keep the Banshee. It is a beautiful guitar, mechanically and cosmetically just about perfect. I love the finish/feel of the neck and the Seymour Duncans sound incredible, really great pickups, guitar has great tone. It has 3 things going against it: 1) It's a bolt-on and the neck heel does slightly limit comfortable upper fret access. Just slightly. 2) The scale length. I'm back to taking lessons and scales and some of the exercises are noticeably tougher on the lower frets with the bigger stretch. It does sound different, covering songs it definitely sound a bit off but I'm on the fence here because I think a lot of that is my ear just being used to what it has heard for many years when I hit a certain chord or note. So it's not different in a bad way, if that makes sense. 3) The low B string. I went back to my 6 strings after spending a good week or so just playing a 7 and I felt like I had gotten a LOT faster on the narrower fret board of the 6. Everything felt effortless. Maybe it would make more sense to get a 6 and file the nut for 12s or 13s to get down to C or B...

    So I feel a little indecisive about keeping the Banshee. The best replacement I would be able to come up with would probably be the new Banshee Elite if I stay with Schecter. It's gorgeous but it's a huge difference in price - more than double. Not sure I want to spend a grand right now but if I did I'm sure there are a lot of other guitars that I should probably also consider.

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    That Kramer fucking rips dude.

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    Sell the Kramer to meeeeeeee.
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    Should have gotten her own thread, right? Combination of that paint job and the reverse headstock might must be very rare if not one of a kind. I remember going to that factory sale and when I saw it I was like holy shit you definitely are coming home with me. Glad I kept this one, I've sold some gear that I regret but all replaceable unlike this. I 'll get her cleaned up and post better pics at some point.

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    Those other guitar don't belong in the same room as her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    That Kramer fucking rips dude.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boots-Paul View Post
    Sell the Kramer to meeeeeeee.
    FUCK YES, Boots and I have serious Kramer crackle GAS.

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    Guitar companies of the world please note...more crackle finishes needed in 2016 please. Release the crackle!

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    I'm with the crowd - that Kramer rules.

    A note on the Banshee... I also bought one when they were on special - mine is trans black. It's seriously a very nice axe. Right now, though, it sits in its case unless I'm in a mood to make some noise. Why? Because I'm still learning 6 string and it was a distraction.

    My point: for me, it was worth tucking away until I want to or can play it. It's a nice enough guitar compared to the LTD's, the shitty-cheap Schecter models, and shitty-cheap Ibanez models.

    Don't get me wrong, Ibanez makes some killer 7's but for the price-point I was at, all I'd get is the shitty ones. You might consider tucking it away rather than making a decision right away.

    And did I say that Kramer rules?
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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