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Thread: PRS Cu22 vs Cu24 vs SC245?

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    PRS Cu22 vs Cu24 vs SC245?

    I'm looking for a guitar that does a little bit of everything really well, with an emphasis on versatility.

    I mostly play mostly sludge/stoner metal/rock. Add in a touch of thrash, grunge and sprinkle with a bit of 70s rock/metal. Primarily a Les Paul through Dual Rectifier. I don't use crazy high gain and the LP has PAFs. I tend to use my volume/tone controls a lot to give me a full spectrum of sounds between clean and scream.

    What I don't want is something that's similar to a Les Paul. I already have that angle covered. I want something different, preferably more modern sounding, but not like an 80s Super Strat kind of deal. Still thick, but clearer and hotter. Articulate with molten levels of gain and a tighter bottom end when riffing, yet still sounds good backed off.

    So, if you were in my shoes and looking at PRS which way would you go and why?

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    Skip the SC245 in that case. Basically a Les Paul Reed Smith.

    If you need 24-frets, then get the Cu24 if you want that extra shreddiness.
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    I have a Singlecut Trem and it's a great guitar. Thinner than a Les Paul so has more cut to it and the trem and pickups work well for different tones compared to the LP.

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    The Custom 24 is about as far away from the LP as you're going to get, out of those 3.
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