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    NGD:Nothing too special

    New guitar. Went to a store, didn't need anything and this happened.

    NGD:Nothing too special-kitaraheadstock-jpg

    Nothing special. Its a LTD ec-1000

    NGD:Nothing too special-kitara1-jpg

    NGD:Nothing too special-kitarafront-jpg

    NGD:Nothing too special-kitaraback-jpg

    Merry Christmas for me!

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    You can never go wrong with a gold top. Nice score.

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    Been playing it now for 2 hours and i must say i really like the alnico 2's. Guitar was nicely set in store already so no complaints about the action or loose screws or rattling pickuprings.
    As for the money, it wasn't a huge score, but a lot of guitar for 750€. Now i dont want to look from the internet, because im sure there are guitars like this for much cheaper But im always willing to pay a little extra to a small store.
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    That gold top though

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    The 1000's are nice, my bandmate has a white EC-1000 Deluxe. Congrats.
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    Nice guitar. I scored this 1995 Samick artist series a couple months back for $250. If you can find one they are usually under $500 and play and sound like a real les paul.
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    Gold tops are sexy. Nice score.

    I've never played an LTD, but I have friends who love the 1000. Can I ask what you think of the weight and neck?
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