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Thread: NGD: Strictly7 Custom 8

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    NGD: Strictly7 Custom 8

    Just got this in a trade earlier today. A buddy of mine has a good relationship with the folks at S7G, who are local to us both, and has built four customs with previously, this being one of them. Needless to say I'm pretty happy to own this since I write mostly on 8's and the specs are pretty much what I would have chosen if I were to have one built. I know S7G has gone through a shitstorm or two in the past (most of it was deservedly so) but this guitar was built very well with no visible flaws or QC issues that I've been able to find.

    - 27.5" Scale Neck-Through
    - Swamp Ash Body w/ Charcoal Stain
    - Flamed Maple Neck w/ Bubinga Stripes
    - Bloodwood Fretboard
    - DiMarzio Ionizer Pickups
    - 3 Way Switch
    - Jumbo Stainless Frets
    - Hipshot Bridge
    - Sperzel Locking Tuners
    - Set up for 0.80-0.11 gauge in Drop E


    This thing resonates forever unplugged and sounds very "snappy" despite being neck-through. Being that I'm so used to Ibanez neck profiles, this will take me a little while to get used to... it's much more of a D shape. I'll be posting up some clips soon even though 8's =
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    I always did like the look of them from the front. If the headstock was a proper tilt back style and the neck joint was more contoured I'd be salivating over that

    Still, great score if it's one of the good ones as I've heard when they didn't fuck things up they were great instruments.

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    That looks pretty wicked dude.

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    I am a complete sucker for all that woodgrain!

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    That looks savage. Cool to know these guys are still around.

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    Looks great. Also a very unusual looking fretboard, I like it. Congrats!
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    trans black........

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    Congrats! If it's truly flawless, you have purchased a unicorn.

    Quote Originally Posted by T Gobbs View Post
    That looks savage. Cool to know these guys are still around.
    Is it, though?
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