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    NGD - Ibanez RG 547

    So I was snooping around the eBay classifieds here in Germany and found this beauty at a devilishly low price. I couldn't resist and decided to buy it on the spot.

    Here are some pics... please excuse my shitty cell phone photos (and lack of photography skills).

    The guitar is, of course, a Fujigen-made Ibanez from 1995. The body is made of ash and resonates like crazy. Also love the paintjob. The neck is a wizard II and quite big for Ibanez standards, yet still really easy to play... definitely one of the better wizard II necks I've held in my hands. This guitar was definitely a workhorse and that's reflected in the wear. But all parts are still functioning without any hiccups whatsoever.

    The previous owner also put a Tone Zone and Air Norton in the guitar, and holy shit, the Air Norton kicks so much ass. What a pickup. I'm still feeling the Tone Zone out, however.

    The upgrades I (or rathermore a tech-savvy good friend of mine) made: replaced the tremolo arm with the Schaller one, put in a 3 way switch for bridge position, neck position and the outer two coils of each humbucker in the middle position, disconnected the middle single coil, installed a brass big block by FU-tone and dampened the springs in true ghetto style with a kleenex. Also removed the tone pot and put the volume in that place.

    This guitar has sustain for days despite being a trem-loaded guitar. It puts Les Pauls to shame, actually. Very warm sounding guitar as well. Frets are okay... they'll probably require some attention soon, but for now its fine.
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    Nice guitar! I haven't seen that model before. The Tone Zone is okay, but I find it a bit muddy in the guitars I've had. I have a Norton in the bridge of my RG760 and that one kicks ass. It probably wouldn't sound out of place next to an Air Norton.

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    Nice catch those are killer guitars.
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    Looks like an interesting guitar, congrats
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