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Thread: NGD Singlecut trem content!

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    NGD Singlecut trem content!

    I've been curious about singlecut 24.75 floyd equipped guitars for a while. And really, this is the last purchase I'm "allowed" to make before baby comes.

    Here it is! Got it in mint condition at a great price.

    Opted to record a little clip with it. This came to me set up for c standard but, I figured I'd record this anyway.

    The model is the EC1001.

    Sleep time for me!
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    That guitar is Aces High.
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    Nice grab! Read the title, expected six's PRS
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    Pretty sweet man. I had an EC 401 with a floyd but I got rid of it. I actually regret it because I think it played better than my EC 1000 hard tail. The one thing I noticed though is that with a floyd on a 24.75 scale, I couldnt do a "floyd flutter" to save my life. Does that one react the same?

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    Really I've never been one to flutter so I'm probably the wrong person to comment. I e really only been able to "flutter" successfully with my jp6 trem but not a floyd.

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    How many springs did it have? The less the better for fluttering. I rather crank a claw with three springs all the way to the wood than add a fourth.
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    Nice axe, and great playing on the clip! Whatcha playing through?

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    That was just Bias with an Iron Maiden "somewhere in time" patch I downloaded and tweaked.


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