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Thread: Satin Black Searls SS6RT

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    Satin Black Searls SS6RT

    I've just finished up this guitar, which happens to be the first time I've built a guitar with a Satin Black 2k finish. The customer wanted the grain to be 3D, he also wanted the "autograph inlay" to not stand out too much, so we did a relic type thing there.

    There are a couple of very slight body redesigns for 2016, not enough that people would notice but it solves a couple things I wasn't happy with.

    I'm keen to hear any feedback as I'm always trying to evolve everything I do, anyway, I'll let the pics do the talking but lets start with the specs:

    Oak Body - Satin Black 2k finish
    Maple neck
    Cocobolo Fingerboard
    Indian Ebony Fingerboard binding and maple purfing
    Autograph Inlay of customers design - relic appearance

    Bareknuckle Painkiller pickups
    Hipshot hardtail bridge
    Gotoh tuners
    Schaller Straplock system

    26.125" scale
    16" radius

    Mini kill switch for each pickup
    Mini coil split switch for neck pickup
    0.022uf capacitor
    Switchcraft output jack

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    That is just gorgeous, man.

    I love the bevel on the back in the lower horn cut and that exposed wood grain is spectacular. Between the headstock, the color, the direct-mount pups and the bridge, there just isn't a thing I don't like about the look of this guitar.
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    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Wirelessly posted

    That looks very nice

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    Raw wood look and baritone?

    5 s out of 5.

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    Man you should make a bass now and then.

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    Awesome looking guitar, seriously.

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    Location: Australia VIC
    ME: Searls SS7
    MA: Churchill
    Rig: Marshall (yes, I'm old)

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind words!

    Given its a "pointy" styled (for a superstrat) guitar and then add satin black it could've easily gone the way of a cheap teenage tacky looking thing, but I attempted to steer it to a overall classy style.

    The American White Oak is heavier than a a typical "tonewood", but with this body style there is so much timber removal, both front and back it enables me to use heavier timbers that would simply be out of the question in a traditional guitar.

    Before anyone asks, the American Oak sings like a bell.

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    ME: 90 RG570
    Rig: Digitech GSP2101

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    What's the tone like, relative to other more common tonewoods? I just noticed it was oak, I would have thought it was ash looking at the grain

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