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Thread: Ibanez DT-150

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    Ibanez DT-150

    Anyone know anything about these? Googled around, but haven't been able to find any recent info in terms of price. Found one on CL about an hour away from me. Seems like a fun project guitar. MIJ, one hum, black with maple board. They're asking 125. That sound like a good deal?

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    $125 sounds damn good for a Japanese-made Ibanez.

    If you like the more single-hum-Strat-like guitar but with the Explorer shape, grab it.

    EDIT: By comparison, the MiK DT200 I recently bought was $200 without taxes or shipping. Jump on it now.
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    $125 seems like a good deal. There are a ton of Destroyers on Reverb, but not many DT 150's



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    For $125 I'd take the gamble.

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    I pulled an old (1983) RoadStarII from a music store for $160, and it was an absolute steal.

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    I've had two DT-250s and two DT-350s over the years. Honestly they are total pieces of shit, but in a fun way. I don't think the 150 is the star version, but they are all the same series.

    This is the last one I had.

    Entombed's Left Hand Path and Clandestine were recorded on a 350. I sold one of mine on ebay to the dude from Entombed.

    The string alignment issues are the worst. From 1980-85ish Ibanez was a shit show. Look at the one Adam posted. Notice how the high e is making a token attempt to stay on the fretboard? Pretty much all of them are like that. Their biggest flaw. It wasn't til they introduced the Edge that they started getting their shit together. (Though the late 70s stuff is a different ballpark)

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    Ive been wanting a destroyer for my collection. I used to have a Hondo Sting just Like this wish I hadnt sold it. It was like a Mutant hybrid of a steinburger and a destroyer.
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    ^The dude from Obscura has a signature Ran that is a straight rip off of the shape of the old shitty Hondos. Seriously.

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