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Thread: Help Narrowing My Superstrat Search!

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    Help Narrowing My Superstrat Search!

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've got a fetish for pointy head stocks and that's kind of led me to this forum.

    When I was a kid I fell in love with the black Kramer Nightswan Al Pitrelli played on Alice Coopers Trash tour and I've always kept my eye out for a decent original one. However, I've accepted that I'm probably not going to find a decent (original) one in my price range in the UK so I've shifted my focus to other super strats.

    I was looking at getting a new Jackson Pro series SL2 but after reading a load of threads here I'm starting to think that a used guitar would probably get me a lot more for my money. I see that older Ibanez's are held in high regard.

    I'm looking for a neck-thu construction with a floyd rose and Seymour Duncan or Di Marzio pickups. At the moment my price range is about £500-700 (roughly $700-1000 for my American brethren). This could go up a bit depending on how long it takes to settle on something (I'm hoping this post will kick off some serious research for me, I'm a bit of a noob still when it comes to what's available), haven't bought a guitar for 10 years, I'm long over due some new gear!

    FRAT version: Need a super strat for around £700, any suggestions?

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    I'll let the more experienced folks guide you in your search.
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    Thanks mate! Yeah some serious knowledge on these boards from what I've seen.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Neckthru Ibanezes are pretty rare. It's pretty rare to see an RGT (the only series to my knowledge that were neckthru) for sale, and when they are they're usually pretty pricey (I think, It's been a while since I looked).

    I honestly don't know a whole lot about Jacksons, but there are a bunch of guys here who are pretty much walking encyclopedias on them. I'd be willing to bet you'd be able to find a Soloist of some sort with those specs in your price range.

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    I would look at the Ibanez Iron label series or a used Prestige series. LTD MH series is an option, they can be had used for a fair price. Good luck and welcome.

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    Used will definitely get you more for your money, and don't let pickups be a deciding factor dude, as you can easily swap these out if ever want to.

    I picked up a used made in Japan, prestige ibanez 1550 recently for £350, that is an awesome guitar. After a pickup change its the best guitar I've owned. Have a look out for any ibanez prestige models if you can. You can get them used for cheap.

    BUT they tend to mostly be bolt ons, if that's a deal breaker for you.

    I find ibanez's aanj joint to be super comfy and I don't need a neck thru

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    Depends a lot on how important bridge quality is and how much (if any) modifying you're willing to do (pickup swaps, bridge swap, etc); also tastes in finish.

    For it to be neck-thru, and have a decent Floyd Rose and name brand pickups is fairly prohibitive (regardless of price). Without any swapping, an older SL2 or SL1 (there's one on guitar center used right now at $999) will have a Schaller built floyd and Seymour Duncans stock. Outside of that, there are probably options out there but they're rarer.

    Another one (up on ebay right now) is an Ibanez RGT2020. Also neckthru, Edge Pro trem (which is one of the better licensed FRs out there) and it's got Ibz/Dimarzio pickups (which aren't exactly the same as aftermarket pickups, but those are some of the better stock pickups Ibanez ever used; this particular one has some kind of aftermarket bridge in it). Plus, it's a Prestige, so it's top shelf quality-wise.That's probably the best RGT I can think of but that's not my strong suit, so I'm sure others will chime in.

    As an outside of the box option, the BC Rich Zoltan ASM pops up on occasion and it's usually in that price range. Also neckthru, quilted top, Original Floyd Rose but the pickups are some kinda junky stock BCR pickups. A LOT of guitar for what they sell for, though.
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    man I just saw a Kramer Stagemaster for sale in the UK somewhere..... they are neck thru and floyd rose, and pointy headstock. It was silver, here is another one in red on ebay now

    $700 pounds but it had some pretty major headstock damage :/ I'll keep looking

    Used-Vintage 1986 Kramer Stagemaster Custom Electric Guitar Floyd Rose 1980's | eBay

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