So the show was cool, but the majority of the vendors there were all Strats, Les Pauls, Telecasters, etc. catering to the country/blues/classic rock crowd.

But there were a few cool booths here and there. I did spend about 2 hours playing the red Spector loaded with EMG GZR P/J's and a Darkglass Tonecapsule, god, it ripped, and a lot of time on the Dingwalls. I am a total convert, the ABZ and the NG-2 Rocked hard. I'm really considering dropping a tone capsule in my Spector, and I'm going to pull the trigger on an NG-2 when I find a blue one, unless I run a cross a good deal on a used ABZ.

Check out the dude with the custom made G and D benders on his Tele's. And the Jackson Pile O Skulls was nice but they guy wanted $1900 for it, and it wasn't mint. Check out the woodwork on the Conklin guitars!

I'll leave a link to the album on IMGUR for you guys, since there is a lot of pictures.

Just a few highlights here.

Imgur: Four State Guitar Show album

This thing was in great condition for being 20 years old