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Thread: NGD: Matte Orange Jackson Juggernaut HT6

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    NGD: Matte Orange Jackson Juggernaut HT6

    Hey guys,

    Here is another late NGD, but this one is because this guitar was getting used quite heavily for the new Periphery album.

    This is my Juggernaut HT6 in Matte Orange, I like to think of the color as being the Orange equivalent of the publicly available Matte Blue Frost.

    Two key differences on this, however, are that unlike the Matte Blue, this has the Quilt Maple/Alder wood combo instead of the Basswood, and also has scraped binding on the body. As a result it does sound a little different from the Basswood version, though with their weights being similar, they aren't worlds apart.

    Otherwise, it's business as usual:
    25.5 inch scale, Quartersawn Maple Neck, Ebony fretboard with Ivoroid binding. Pickups are BKP Juggernauts with Black covers, hardware is Hipshot Bridge and Locking Tuners.

    I have to say, there is something special about this one. I am not entirely sure what, but this is my personal favorite Juggernaut HT6 in my collection.

    Here are some pics:

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    Very cool! I like the natural biding, I haven't seen a similar colour scheme before.

    I'm glad you are with Jackson, they really needed to revamp their guitar line with something like this. The top horn looks fantastic, sort of an improved Daemoness horn. Kudos to you, great taste in guitars.

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    Orange is the new blue

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    It's your favourite… and it's not blue… Who are you, and what have you done with Misha?

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    Very nice colour and cool looking guitar but the binding looks odd on the paint job and really?... A one piece neck on a USA Jackson? Bit stingy, innit? Nevertheless, sweet axe. Congrats.
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    What's wrong with a 2 piece maple neck? Scarf joints have always been extremely strong

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    That's damn bitchin'.

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    That is awesome looking, congrats!
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