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Thread: Very disappointed in Kiesel

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    Very disappointed in Kiesel

    Extremely let down by Kiesel. Long story. I ordered a V7 in early Nov that was due to be ready Dec 23rd. It was delayed a couple of times and I received it on Jan 23rd. As soon as I opened the case I noticed a couple of scratches on the top and the finish over the logo was bubbled up. It also had Kiesels signature wonky side dots and the neck pickup was screwed down crooked right up against the neck and a few paint pimples. I immediately called and was told they would take care of it and was asked to take pics. It was referred to Mike Jones who reacted very slowly and took 6 days just to send a call label. I also messaged Jeff Kiesel who told me to deal with Mike. They didn't even seem surprised. So long story short it has now been at Kiesel almost 6 weeks and was refinished, despite the fact I told them I did not want a brand new guitar that was refinished. Not to mention they just completely ignored the crooked side dots. So I finally decided that I just wasn't happy and called to get an exchange as they had a guitar in stock that I liked. I was even willing to pay the $400 difference. Well while I was on hold for Mike to ask Jeff they raised the price of the guitar by $400 and told me it was a mistake, and they would not honor it. Then I asked for a refund and they told me because I had requested a zero fret that I owned it and there was no refund. This is just pure BS. I have been treated like I didn't matter the entire time. So much for joining the family. I'm sure the guitar will be fine when I get it back, but I really don't even want the damn thing now. I know this is going to be deleted and I'll probably get banned, but since getting my V6 I have sung Kiesels praises and even defended their issues and this is the service I get. Let down.

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    Dude that is terrible craftsmanship. They will go under if they keep this kind of thing up. It's good you posted this, and I hope they turn around and make it right for you. That logo damage is unforgivable on a custom guitar. How did they ship it like this, expecting you to not notice or care?

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    Wirelessly posted

    I wish Santuzzo would have gotten that...

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    We won't ban you for this, that's for sure.

    I guess targeting djent kids means that they're starting to go the way of djent luthiers, eh?
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    Maybe your post was a (completely justifiable) copy-paste, but you sure as hell aren't getting banned here for it man. That fucking sucks, and is utter bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Maybe your post was a (completely justifiable) copy-paste, but you sure as hell aren't getting banned here for it man. That fucking sucks, and is utter bullshit.
    Yeah, people need to know stuff like this happens. IIRC, you've got pretty tasty taste in guitars, Joe. If it ain't good, it ain't good. And FWIW, yours is not the only dissatisfied Kiesel story I've read lately.

    Sorry to hear what's going on, and hopefully it gets ironed out.
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    It was copy paste. I know I won't get banned or deleted here. It will be by a certain someone on the GP/wired guitarist page as soon as it's noticed. Til then it's fucking blowing up. Good business move Kiesel.

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    Wirelessly posted (iBrone)

    That off-center side dot is just terrible. It shows that they don't have pride in their craftsmanship if they don't even measure when they drill

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