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    Dean Custom 450

    Hey guys! I was browsing through guitars, and I came across the Dean Custom 450 (Hardtail, No Floyd!) and I really like the look of it, the EMG 81/85 it comes with, the fact that its a hardtail, and its in my current price range!

    This would be my second guitar, but my first true "metal guitar"

    So what are your thoughts or experiences with that specific guitar or brand?

    Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG - Trans Black | Dean Guitars


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    I wouldn't set too much store by the pickups that come with any guitar. It's nice if the guitar you like comes with good pickups, that's a nice and handy detail, but you can very cheaply and easily swap them out.

    Anyway, that guitar looks pretty cool.

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    Looks cool, man!

    Definitely agree with what Cassidy said. Especially for EMG's, since they're super easy to install. I think you only have to solder to the output jack.

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    Oh I know, I just wanted to clairify for those that dont like EMG's that I do like the EMG 81/85's it comes with.

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    There are a fair few horror stories about mid range Deans in terms of quality but other people's bad experience/internet stories don't need to have an impact on you so look for a place where you can try and inspect one, then if you like it, go for it.

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