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Thread: NGD: Relish Snow Jane

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    NGD: Relish Snow Jane

    Hey guys,

    At this point, the only guitars that really interest me are ones that are pretty different in concept or aesthetic from anything else in my collection.

    When I saw what Relish from Switzerland was doing, they immediately had my attention.

    They have an interesting take on the semi-hollow design in that they have two molded wood veneers that surround an aluminum frame. That frame serves as the core of the guitar, as both the neck and bridge are bolted to it.

    I love semi-hollows for their attack and resonance, they go well with my general mantra of "light body and dense neck" but the lighter the body, the less sustain you generally get, and with semi-hollows sometimes it's very noticeable.

    I think it has to be the Aluminum frame that is making all the difference, but it definitely does not suffer from poor sustain at all, the guitar itself sounds bright and spanky with a nice and tight low end.

    I opted for the BKP Juggernaut set in the guitar, and they pair wonderfully, from cleans to high gain, the guitar is always well at home, though it should be noted that due to it's hollowness it is prone to feedback as you up the gain.

    The pickup selector is very space-age, and interesting. It's a touch sensitive selector that lights up when you touch it. You can select either, both or neither pickups, and you can multi touch or swipe the selectors if you wish to quickly switch. Perhaps a clever solution to a problem that doesn't entirely exist, but using it, it doesn't feel like form over function. More so just a clever and unique way to switch. My worry was that it might feel finicky, but so far it has been solid!

    Another unique feature, is that they seem to have this proprietary wiring system for the pickups, so that if you had other pickups with the right connectors, you could swap the pickups out in minutes, without the need for any soldering. Definitely an interesting feature.

    I only just got the guitar, so I'm sure I'll have more impressions as time goes on, but right off the bat I have to say I'm incredibly impressed. The fit and finish of the guitar are absolutely top notch, it's a joy to play and very comfortable all around. Doesn't hurt that it looks fantastic too haha!

    Anyways here are pics:

    Maple Neck
    Dark Strand Woven Bamboo Fretboard
    24 Medium Jumbo SS Frets
    650mm Scale Length (25.59")
    10" Fretboard Radius
    BKP Juggernaut Set with Chrome covers.
    Gotoh 510z tuners
    Gotoh Hardtail Bridge

    As a quick aside, I really want to thank the guys from The Music Zoo in Long Island for helping out with this whole purchase, they are incredibly knowledgeable and have their customer service down on lock.

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    Now that is fuckin' cool. Darren's going to love this.

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    What the fuck is that thing?

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    That is classy as all hell.

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    Awesome! A maple board would look fucking ace.

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    Not sure if brand/model name or random words.
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    well that is certainly unique, interested in what kind of preamp that has in it.

    This thread is worthless without clips, this thing must sound amazing clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrychair View Post
    well that is certainly unique, interested in what kind of preamp that has in it.

    This thread is worthless without clips, this thing must sound amazing clean.
    Ah that's actually not a preamp, the battery is for the pickup selector!

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