NGD: Fender American Special Stratocaster (White/Maple)

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Thread: NGD: Fender American Special Stratocaster (White/Maple)

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    NGD: Fender American Special Stratocaster (White/Maple)

    I've been wanting this same guitar since I was 12 (I turned 32 yesterday). Needless to say that after 20 years of GASing for this it finally showed up at my door today. I've always been a fan of the CBS headstock as well as maple boards w/ white bodies. The Fender tweed case it came in is pretty sweet too. Sorry for the crap iPhone pics and lack of pic details.

    - Alder body
    - 22 jumbo frets
    - Texas Special pickups
    - '70s style headstock design and logo
    - Vintage-style trem
    - Fender tuners

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    I've never liked the CBS headstock, but there's something awesome about a while Strat with a maple neck.
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    Great looks of a vintage strat but has 22 frets and hotter pups...congrats on a sweet axe!
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    Wow. That's very nice. I also like the white strat look.

    Grats on getting your dream guitar, finally.
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    Congrats on the new strat it looks really nice

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    Congrats. That is a sweet guitar. Play it well.

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    Nice! Yngwie/Jimi vibes. Love white + big headstock + maple.
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    '70s style headstock FTW !! Killer Strat, congrats!
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