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Thread: Chandler Pickguards/Pickguard Heaven/Adventures in Minimalism

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    Chandler Pickguards/Pickguard Heaven/Adventures in Minimalism

    So the recently acquired Spectrum originally came stock with a pickguard, the pickguard shape is extremely proprietary, so impossible to find. A lot of people told me to leave it off, but I personally like how they look, especially if I could get one in black (the stock ones were all white). Luckily the guys over at Chandler/Pickguard Heaven can do pretty much anything and they knocked this out for me. Those dudes are top tier professionals. They said a 15 day wait was expected, but they had this to me 3 days after ordering, can't recommend them enough. Turned out awesome, really balances out the shape.

    Keeping the EMGs in there, though I ripped out the old wiring and re-did it as quick connect. The neck and middle are going to be dummies. Honestly I've always dug minimalism in pick up setups, and when you've got a single coil in the bridge you don't even need anything else for cleans, so it's really the best. Keeps your playing on its toes, less excuses for sucking. It's honestly awesome. You don't even get a hot bridge humbucker, so there's no hiding anything.

    Also, obligatory neon Dimarzio, I might get dummy single covers in obnoxious blue and red for the two non bridge singles. Would look cool.

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    Yeah, we get everything custom through Chandler Pickguards. They do excellent work.

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    That looks killer with the black guard. Well done!

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    Yup! Lookin' great! Better than white fo' sure.
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    Very cool look. I always liked the three singles version of that guitar, and the black guard really adds something on that finish.

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    Very nice!

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