Why can't I play as clean at this?

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Thread: Why can't I play as clean at this?

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    Why can't I play as clean at this?

    How the fuck do these guys get the sound so clean when they don't even appear to be muting the strings not being played?

    Willie is clearly hovering his hand over the strings but not muting the majority of them as far as I can see. If I played like that on my schecter hellfire c1 (with EMGs) with peavey vyper 50 practive amp all my strings would start ringing, even the ones that haven't been touched and it would be a mess?

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    A) They are muting, but with their left hand. Watch closely. Once you get that natural technique down (it comes on autopilot after some practice) you can be as wild as you like with your picking.
    B) You're probably playing with too much gain.
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    Practice---Experience---Become Good

    Repeat until it clicks

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    First off, it looked like they were muting with their picking hands quite a bit. Second, I didn't think they sounded very clean.
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    ^ i was going to say the same. This would not be my benchmark for what I would call clean playing.

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    They're muting, you just can't see it. Like someone else mentioned here, it's a natural, unconscious thing that happens with both the right AND left hands. For some people it's more one than the other, and shifts at any given moment depending on the type of playing.

    It's something that naturally comes with lots of practice playing with high gain. Nearly impossible to try and describe with words.

    Check out Ben Eller's video on the topic:

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    Yep. The answer is "lack of practice."

    Once you reach a certain point, you mute with your left and right hands without thinking about it.

    Besides, I watched a decent amount of that video and I'd hardly consider it "clean." Nothing against them because it was just them messing around in their bus, but still...

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