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Thread: Best super-low price guitars?

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    Best super-low price guitars?

    I'm tired of people visiting and gunking up my guitars (there's a thread about it)

    So I'm thinking of getting a guest guitar that I wouldn't play myself much anyway.

    Any ideas?

    It has to be below $200, but I dont want a shitty Squire Bullet or something.

    Needs at least humbucker inbridge. I'm not that read up on low-budget guitars, so help me out please

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    Midrange LTDs can be had for pretty cheap and they aren't too bad

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    Didn't think of used... Hahaha. I'm stupid.

    But good idea!

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    If you go with an esp ltd, i'd make sure you get it from a store (or website with a store near you) so you can return it, if need be. Some of their lower end guitars are riddled with electronic issues. Really though, i can't think of any brand than sells for under $200 that doesn't have some form of reputation with quality control issues. The other one that i would probably consider if i were you is schecter. Same deal though, make sure there is s local store incase you run into issues with it.

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    do you have no friends that shower?

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    I will be the awakward dude in here and will say, go to a store and pickup a Gio... you will be surprised on how they look cheap but they play well especially the S Gios, as long as the store have them with somehow fresh strings and not 6 months rusty ones...

    Pacificas 112 are also a real bang for the buck and they are HSS... I might pick one up for myself so I can have a "Strat"

    Majority of these cheap guitars lack on the Hardware and Pickups, if you have spare parts or can get better ones cheaper, some of them are really upgradable and can become really nice instruments. Sure they will never be 1k+ machines...

    Im recently upgrading my cheap Schecter Omen 6, new Vanson locking tuners and a Gotoh bridge made wonders, especially the Gotoh... guitars gained a LOT and i mean a LOT more sustain and note definition become also more aparent. I also could raise the action a tiny bit, but she needs a fret level which I havent payed to do because of price of the Guitar but im now considering taking the plunge since it become so much better with the upgrades. She also has a Duncan Distortion/S59 combo in there

    Used you can get pretty nice deals

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    New squiers are fine - grab one of those.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    do you have no friends that shower?
    Washing hands doesn't matter.

    It's in the sweat/skin oil.

    Wash hands, and a few minutes later that stuff is back.

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