Jeff Loomis demos the JLX-7 FR

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Thread: Jeff Loomis demos the JLX-7 FR

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    Jeff Loomis demos the JLX-7 FR

    Wouldn't call it properly a "Demo", but its a nice tune (I like it).

    The guitar itself, not my cup of tea but Im sure some like it

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    The shape is starting to grow on me a bit.

    Just not a fan of his new tone. Sounds extremely digital and cocked-wah to the max. I miss his fizzy way-too-much-gain tone.

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    Is he using Revv amps now? I ask because I played a Revv 7-40 just a couple days a go, first time with any hands on experience with a Revv product, and I must say that fucking thing can rip it up with the best of them. Way to modern sounding for me but I could definitely see the appeal for modern style folks.
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