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Thread: Charbonneau Guitars from Montreal

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    Charbonneau Guitars from Montreal

    Hi , here's P-H from Charbonneau Guitars. A couple of pics from recent builds.

    Model : Scimtar-6s Katalox-flame maple top ( 59' neck & Nazgul bridge)

    Scimtar-7s lizard green quilt maple top and black walnut ( Sentient neck & Nazgul bridge)

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    Just saw this, I'm from Montreal too but haven't heard of your company yet.

    For some reason the picture doesn't show but I checked out your website, pretty nice. Any way I can try these guitars in Montreal?

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    looks sick

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    thats gorgeous

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim777 View Post
    That's pretty slick!
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    I just want to try one. Looks right up my alley.

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