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    Dying Rosewood

    Who here has done it? How did you do it? Thinking of doing it on my Charvel. I love the look of beautifully cared for rosewood, but this one hasn't been hydrated in forever and was probably a lighter cut originally and I think it would look better a bit darker.

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    Matt (Mattayus) does it all the time, doesn't he?

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    I've done it a few times.

    Instead of drowning the board with the included brush (if you're using Fiebings), I use Q-tips that I make slightly damp and paint on the fretboard. I do 3 - 5 layer, waiting 30 mins - 1 hour inbetween layers, and finish off with a wiping with an old T-shirt. After waiting overnight to fully dry and soak, I wipe it down with lemon oil, let it dry like normal, and finish off with a wiping to get rid of the excess dye.

    I've heard of people also drying out their fretboards with naphta or rubbing alcohol beforehand, so the dye soaks in better. This MIGHT work, but I'd be kind of worried drying the fretboard may cause cracks to form.

    I saw Mattayus did something similar, except he only went for one layer on the guitar I saw him try.

    I started off by masking the binding but it just bled under the tape anyway! So I used a small paintbrush to apply it, trying to avoid the markers and binding, but obviously going over them slightly. It doesn't stay on the fret markers at all, wipes right off even when dry, but the binding... I had to wire-wool that shit off

    After 30 mins of letting it soak in I went over the board with a damp cloth to even everything out. Then I left it to try over night. Oiled the board in the morning, waited for that to soak in and then went over again with a damp cloth, just to clean everything up and take off the excess that was still coming out the wood. If you want it absolutely black then 2 coats will be required, but it's more time/work than I was prepared to do as I need this guitar at least 3 times a week for rehearsals and gigs!

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    He did it on this guitar, too, just a week or so ago. Came out awesome from the looks of it. Explorer project complete! (very pic heavy)

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