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Thread: '84 Destroyer body and neck

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    '84 Destroyer body and neck

    Anyone have any insight on whether or not this would be worth it for a fun project? I have a lot of spare parts around the house already, the overall investment wouldn't be much at all. Dude's asking $150 firm.

    1984 Japanese Ibanez Destroyer

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    Hard to tell the condition from the pics, but if it's structurally sound I would.

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    Pass dude. I've had 3-4 Destroyers from that time period. They are fun guitars, but you can't really make the case that they aren't pieces of shit.

    You can get them for $200 with hardware and stuff. That's one of the Phil Collen lower end models. The bolt on ones with a strat style trem (the neck through ones still go for serious money).

    I sold this one to a friend for something like $90, bought it for $150 or something. If you have serious guitars they aren't worth having.

    So yeah. $150 is generous. I would buy it for like $40.

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    It's a shame because they look really cool, but the basswood is some of Ibanez's most waterlogged sounding stuff, the finishes don't age well, the actual design wasn't very good because there are always string spacing issues and the bridges were some of the worst shit metal stuff Ibanez has put out there.

    They fucking look awesome though. And have a total cult following in Death Metal circles. Left Hand Path was recorded on one.

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