Carvin DC150CM - double cut maple guitar - anyone seen one?

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Thread: Carvin DC150CM - double cut maple guitar - anyone seen one?

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    Carvin DC150CM - double cut maple guitar - anyone seen one?

    So, I'm looking at this guitar as an impulse buy... more or less as a mod project, although I'm not going to do anything to it that cannot be quickly undone and I'm keeping all the old parts. Carvin called it the DC150CM. The deal is, I'd trade a shotgun for it, but that's probably tangential.

    It's a maple body - the mini toggles are split, split, phase. As it looks right now, the axe is largely original. I can see that someone moved the forward strap button. As stock, it's at the base of the neck, sort of like the SG.

    It's not an archtop - it's flat, like a Jr. Set neck, maple fretboard, etc.

    Has anyone seen one of these or played one? I'm getting ready to look at it today and assess.

    Thoughts? Thank you. I appreciate your input.

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    I played one a bit years ago and loved it, but the guy wouldn't sell it to me. I definitely would have bought it back then. These are very similar to the very top of the line ones, which had 4 knobs (2v/2t) and the fancy top. So, It's been 30 years maybe since I played one for more than an hour, but I have fond memories of it. Much nicer IMHO than my similar but different L-6S was, certainly. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    I'm in the same boat - I played one of these and it was an excellent guitar, actually. These are rather old, and Carvin was really good quality back then...

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    That's surprising, actually, as a common critique of Carvins is that they tend to be very bright. I'd think solid maple construction would, if anything, make that more pronounced... cool guitar, though. That one looks like it could use some TLC (and maybe new control knobs) and a good clean and polish, but is fundamentally in pretty good shape.
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    I've got a friend who has one of these, and he is very happy with it. I've not played it personally, but heard nothing but good things about it.

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