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Thread: NGD (poor man edition) - LTD ST 203FR

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    NGD (poor man edition) - LTD ST 203FR

    Well... with all the 4K guitar talk im pretty sure this one wont even raise any interest, but here she is (Made in China):

    Trem is Blocked right now with some Popsicle sticks joined by some tape ( hey it was the cheapest and easiest way to block it )

    Since I was GASing for another Guitar for some time (no special reason except just wanted one) and after nailing down options to this one or the Jackson SDX I finally managed to get someone to sell me one by PayPal and also willing to ship it to me (living in France for the moment).

    None of the 3 French dudes I contacted wanted to accept Paypal (WTF Dudes... I dont use Checks since 1996... its 2016...). While on vacation in Portugal in August I spotted an Adrian Smith and made an offer, seller refused only to contact me 3 - 4 weeks later saying he accepted my offer... too late Bro... sorry... I was really more lean into the Jackson..oh well...

    OK the Frenchies wont cut it lets see whats available on Ebay... nada... hummm... ok time to check UK.

    Found this one on the Fretboard forum, contacted seller adjust the details payed with Paypal (regular no gifts) and 4-5 days I had the guitar waiting for me at office (shipped with Neck taken apart as requested).

    My impressions so far:

    - Glad the Pickguard is Black instead of White (it was changed by previous owner), one less thing to change.

    - Pups are freaking HOT and I mean HOT... the Humbucker is louder than my Duncan Distortion, can be the Alder or the FR Block I dont know, but it lacks the clarity and note separation of the Duncan (I play with VSTs and Studio Phones)

    - Love the sound of the Singles. My intention was to replace the Pups with an Andy Timmons Set, but Im right now considering if I keep the Singles or not

    - Noticed an increase in Sustain when I blocked the Trem, wasn't expecting to be so noticeable.

    - Neck is Thin and comfortable but Fretwork could be better I notice the Frets end while rubbing the hand up and down (they are polished though so no cuts), I don't notice them on my Schecter Omen 6, in fact the fretwork of the Schecter is superior and noticeable.

    Things that I dont like:

    - It has at least 3 higher frets... needs to be taken care of, one kills the notes... :S Dont know if ill dive into it myself (first time but hey we gotta start somewhere) or if Ill put her in the hands of a Tech... but that would be on the more expenses side of things... being me I will spend the money to buy the tools...

    - Since I like my action as Low as possible I recessed the FR a bit into the cavity, but this means the Trem doesn't have full latitude to dive, raising the Trem so it floats down at will means the action raises a lot... so this means ill need to Shim the neck right (according to what I already investigated on the Net)?

    I dont mind having the Trem Blocked, but since I have it

    Im deciding if I invest on a Tremol NO to lock it totally if and when I wish so or a simple Tremblocker to lock it to Dive only, or a keep it as floating Trem and use a Goldo Blackbox to help it go back into rest Position:

    - Volume Button and PUP Selector are too close together... Im not used to it

    She will probably be my MOD in progress guitar for a while, or until something else caught my Eye

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    Had one of those for a while. At the price they go for, they're an amazing value, IMO. Dig the black pickguard!

    Popsicle block FTW.
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    Nice - in general relics have always seemed kinda silly to me, but I dig the shit out of that.
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    The black pickguard is a great improvement on that. Looks awesome!
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    Cool guitar, I like it!
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    I've played good and bad of those, but they're a ridiculous deal if you find a good one.

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    HNGD. That looks killer.

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    Those looks crap with white pickguards; but with a black it just looked really awesome.

    Good you kept the locking clamps when blocking the bridge too, I'm a big sucker for double locking fixed bridges

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