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Thread: NGD: '91 RG550

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    NGD: '91 RG550

    Just picked up this super clean 1991 RG550, a block-heel RG has been on my list to get for a while now, was waiting around for a desert yellow one for a bit more froot but this laser blue popped up and I figured it looked too good to pass up. Pictures don't do the finish justice unfortunately - it's slightly more turquoise in person. Planning on using it in a wedding/party band I'm in for a while to bring the whammy squeals, then setting it up for Eb and using it in an Alter Bridge tribute band I play in too.

    For a 25 year old guitar it's in ridiculously good condition, a handful of dings and a bit of nice fretboard wear, the frets are less worn than my 2000 RG7620. Now I just need to clean it up a bit, set the trem up for 10-52s, upgrade to a brass block, Tremol-no, all that good stuff. Action is nearly perfect, though I'll raise it slightly on the bass side as I prefer that so I can dig in more. Might swap the pickups out further down the line, they're decent Ibanez pickups but I like a bit more chunk and these are more for screaming leads, though they might be good after I mess with Axe FX patches as been playing it through patches I dialled in with a PRS SE and it's a bit of a different beast. Also maybe a mirrored blue pickguard, but the original black does look nice, just more understated. Back of the neck has been polished by years of playing as usual, would like to get it back to the satin finish but too scared of mucking it up to do anything at the moment. Sanded down my 7620 and tung oiled it, not sure if that would work on this as it's a one-piece neck, my 7620 has a bubinga stripe down so it might be a bit more rigid.

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    Love that color.
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    Nice! Congrats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Wirelessly posted ()

    Love that color.

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    Now that is beautiful! The finish looks really nice and clean. Congrats.
    Also, since you've got it in Eb, might as well play some Morbid Angel
    (Edit: oops, I meant since you're putting it in Eb!)
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    Dude she looks amazing congrats!

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    excellent sir

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