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Thread: Starting a guitar brand?

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    Starting a guitar brand?

    So, just in theory, could I start a guitar brand?

    I saw that Luxxtone thread and it got me thinking: when I do my absolute best, my finishes looks like this.

    Like, ordering unfinished good guitar parts, assemling. setting up and then selling online.

    Because I'm really good att setting up guitars and all that shit, but I cant saw a plank straight to save my life.

    Would people buy this shit? I wouldn't even have to take $3500 for a guitar...

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    in theory, yes. in practice, no.

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    That finish is just ok for a backyard job, but really it fellates cow.
    Setting up a guitar is not difficult. You should not start a guitar company.

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    We've had a LOT of members go down this rabbit hole. My advice would be to go work FOR a guitar builder first. See the business from the inside before you get yourself in a big financial hole.

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    Maybe try practicing your carpentry skills and open a shop? In theory your idea isn't bad, but you'd need to find a supplier of decent bulk parts in order to bring your costs down to make any sorta profit from it. Maybe open up commissions to assemble guitars from parts for a flat fee and have the customer buy all their parts and you just do the finishing labor.

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    As a former business owner - not guitars, website design/development - I can tell you there's much more to it than the operational/hands-on side.

    You can be good with customers, good with your product, and I was - and still struggle because of the business side of things. Passion for your work and your clients can often lead you into the weeds, and it's damned hard to get out of the weeds once you're there.

    +1 for Leon's suggestion. I would work for someone who does what you're looking at. See the problems and the solutions. Get some experience in the business before beginning your own.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    You would get ripped apart with the stuff we've seen from you...

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    You can do it probably, but you need funds to get the materials first. Dont expect people to pay upfront for you when you are not know and when they know you just buy parts and assemble them.

    Are you also ready to take the tool if parts don't work together? What if the Neck is fucked or it needs proper refret job or leveling at least, are you paying another 150-200 euros for it (being nice) and then add it to the customer, why should he pay extra for it?


    Can you get nice deals on ordering 200 pickups (or tuners, bridges, etc) at a a time from a known Brand so you can get a nice discount? Ok so you want to use less known brands... that will cheapen the guitar, doesn't matter if they are amazing or not, people pay for brands not for "unknown" quality.

    If you want to do it start very very slow, do one for a friend, see how long it takes you, keep doing it if it compensates, you will loose at least 1-2 weeks on each initially do you think you can make the money to cover that time?

    Last but not least, as Business you need to pay taxes and buy tools and take care of the publicity of it.

    Wish you luck nevertheless

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