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Thread: Another tale of Kiesel being Kiesel and Kieseling Stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    Yup the 727 I bought from Ari and Sold to JJ which then went to Budda (or maybe those two were reversed) played killer but was pretty dead. I also had a DC6 which didn't play quite as nice (which was really preference, neck was too narrow for me), but sounded amazing. Both were built very well.
    I sold it to JJ. It was my first time with actives (blackouts), and an FR. I had hoped to get my The Absence on but alas, I don't do trems (that was the first of 3 FR guitars I've moved). I wasn't sure how the tone was because IIRC you said the neck and bridge pickups were swapped . I've only tried a handful of Carvins and never within enough time to be able to compare them.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    That's like wishing you just had crabs, instead of the herpes you now have.
    When it comes to pets vs disease, pets win hands down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 Dying Trees View Post
    When it comes to pets vs disease, pets win hands down.
    Well, I agree. Even if they just won't. Let. Go.

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    pekingeses before diseases bro

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    Reading through that thread - yikes!

    Someone from Kiesel actually posted and dipped in that thread on page 3 though

    Rig-Talk ? View topic - Kiesel's customer service sucks!

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    Good lord. Just buy a fucking Suhr, Anderson, EBMM, PRS or any of the other not-staffed-by-morons-and-made-for-djent-lemmings guitar off the shelf from your local music store. It should surprise none of us here that a company that hired Engage is a shitshow.

    What's next? A guitar lessons site run by Mehtab?

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    ^I'm pretty sure a couple years back Mehtab and that other dude who posted here all the time did try to start a guitar forum.

    Not as a community, but as a venture capital project. Assuming it failed, since both of them have mercifully fallen off the radar. I don't think they were into guitars as guitars, more as speculative investments.

    He reinvented himself from "tech djent kid" to "guitar aficionado" overnight.

    In his credit though, that dude must have had huge balls, he sold a bunch of people on the act that he was some kind of connoisseur who knows what constitutes a good guitar. The only stuff he had actually played was like, Korean Schecters before he got into "investment guitars". Dude didn't know shit.

    It's like if the dude buying 40s of malt liquor at the gas station pretended to be a wine critic.

    It's the internet era though, times have changed. There's shit like Gear Gods springing up. I haven't seen anything on Gear Gods that was really informative, but it went to being a gear "authority" overnight. Internet culture lowered the bar for a lot of guitar gear related stuff. I compare all my guitars to a 1953 telecaster tonally. I've never even been in the same room as a 1953 telecaster, and I probably couldn't tell it apart from a heavily worn MIM telecaster but I know what it sounds like based on inferences I have drawn, speculation, and hearsay.

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    Kiesel is also an example of how much gear companies have embraced the art of getting massive amounts of people to shamelessly shill for them.

    It used to be that like, if someone said their signature guitar was good and they were a reputable player you could believe it was a legitimate opinion. Slightly exaggerated, sure, but at least somewhat credible.

    These days internet djent guys are just upselling the next generation straight up shit and they know that they don't have enough experience with gear to realize it. There are like, 6-7 Rondo Music quality custom shops in the US that want $2k for stuff that is MiK quality.

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