A little early to be thinking about my next guitar, but...

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Thread: A little early to be thinking about my next guitar, but...

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    A little early to be thinking about my next guitar, but...

    then again, is it ever too early to think about such a thing?
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    Thinking about one of these. Now, I'm not even sure the XH is out yet. No matter, as it certainly will by the time I decide to upgrade. The guitar I'm using right now, which is my first, is a 22-fret fixed bridge Ibanez, and I had decided a while ago that when I upgrade I wanted take a shot at a tremolo system with 24 frets. Well, this has their Edge III system, which I've heard good things about, and 27 frets to boot. It's also right in the price range I've been thinking about. I've heard the strap buttons on these are pretty poorly placed though, but that's really not a big issue for me.

    Now I've got plenty of time between now and when I upgrade to a better guitar (plus I'm more in need of a new amp, which I plan on getting.....maybe Christmas? idk.). So I was just wondering, anyone have any experience with the any of the Xiphos guitars? And how are they?

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    Straplocks can always be repositioned, so the body can sit beautifully.

    I have a Xiphos 24 fret, and it's a wicked guitar, the neck and fretwork is pretty damn excellent. I don't really like the hardware on it; pickups are dull and the Edge III has given me nothing but grief. Still need to put my Edge Pro in.

    Anyway, try it out. The only downpoints about the guitar is stuff that can be changed anyway, so why not, you know?

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