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Thread: NGD: Green Neon 80s Worshipping Shred Machine

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    NGD: Green Neon 80s Worshipping Shred Machine

    So, in January I went hunting for one of these, and everywhere had them sold out. I gave up hope, but eventually (somehow) found one on Thomann. It arrived yesterday, and I love the colour and everything about it. I've wanted one of these since forever, and the originals are just too much money these days. I'm hoping to keep it a bit of a case queen with some occasional playing, but I guess that all depends on how it ends up playing once I've set it up.

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    Fuck yes, this rules! Congrats James!

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    Now you just need the pink Neon spandex pants and dont forget the Hairspray

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    That's fucking killer!
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    Hell yeah, that's fucking sick!!!

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    Very nice.

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    Like I said last night, you'll be BBQ-ing it before the end of the year. And I wanna be there when you do
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