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Thread: Triple NGD (Black Guitars Edition)

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    Triple NGD (Black Guitars Edition)

    Triple NGD!

    The SG is a "Guitar of the week" (#32) I had a chance to score near my place.

    The LTD EC-256, it seriously kicks ass. I'm probably very lucky and got a "good" one. I've had a FR-103 before and was pleasantly surprised with how much guitar I got for 300$. Paid a bit more for this one, but it's got Gibson 490R + 490T, pickups and a new killswitch.

    I'm not an LP guy at all, but I always feels like a need a LP type axe in my arsenal. The thinner body, the belly cut, the thin neck are all things that I like with this guitar. It's a lot of fun to play. Between this and putting 2500$ + CAN on a Gibson, I'd take the LTD since it feels I have more bang for my buck. Oh, and it weights a freakin' TON.

    Next, we have a good ol' Ibanez MTM2. Upgraded the pickups to IronGear Steam Hammer. So far, I feel they're a great upgrade from the cheap Ibanez V7 - V8, but I also think they're a bit less on par with regular Duncans or Dimarzios. But at the price they go for, can't complaint at all!


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    Grats! I like that SG a lot.

    Which neck does that have?
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    Nice! An SG looks great all in black! And I've always liked ESPs take on a modern LP shape. I'd love to hear the mtm2 with the iron gears. I love the steam hammer bridge - for the money it's hard to beat, and mtm2s are the perfect metal guitar to me.

    This thread has so much win in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assault Bacon View Post
    Grats! I like that SG a lot.

    Which neck does that have?
    A waytoobigformylikingneck.

    Seriously, the more I play it, the more I don't like the neck profile. Me thinks I won't keep it for long!
    Had a crush on that one because of the looks. I TRY to get wiser as I get older and not only fall for the looks... Godamnit.

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    All three are sexy. Really like that SG!
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    Holy fuck that SG is awesome. I've never been a big fan of the look but that thing is the shit. Congrats!

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    This thread is racist. Why do they all have to be Black?

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