Much as this pains me to do it, an impending house move means I have to part with this. I'd rather it go to someone either here or on that I have a chance of buying it back from in a couple of months, but if there's no bites by tomorrow night it's going to Ebay.

This is based around an Ibanez RG7621 neck with a custom Tele-style swamp ash body made by DM guitars with a UV-style input jack. Pickups are alnico Bareknuckle Nailbomb bridge and Cold Sweat neck, with an Allparts 7 string single in the middle position. Volume, tone, 5 way switch, killswitch and neck pickup phase reversal switch. Tuners are Gotoh.

This sounds superb, with a really nice thick crunch from the Nailbomb. The H-S-H configuration makes it extremely versatile with a very nice clean or lead sound available from the Cold Sweat. I've not used the middle single on it's own enough to comment yet.

Guitar comes with a thick padded soft case, brand new Levy's strap and a brand new set of Schaller straploacks, which have been fitted to the guitar since these pics were taken. I'll replace the pickup selector with a black one before shipping.

I have around 1,000 in parts in this, so 500 posted in UK. International shipping extra.