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    Gibson parts galore

    As I was going through my parts to look for a Les Paul back plate for Max, I realized I just have way too many parts floating around that will never be used in my lifetime, regardless of my good intentions. So, this first offering is what I will call the “Gibson” round of parts. Most are actual Gibson parts, except where noted. I have tried to keep the prices reasonable, but if you think something is out of whack just call me on it. The more you buy the more willing I am to knock off some dollars. Prices are paypalled/shipped in the US. If you aren’t in the US, let me know if you absolutely need something and we can try to work it out.

    3 x Gold TP6 tailpieces with fine tuners (Gibson) SOLD!

    1 set of gold mounting studs for TP6 tailpiece still in package $7

    Gold Gotoh Tone-Pros locking tailpiece (w/ locking bits) SOLD!

    2 x Gibson Cream P-90 pickup covers w/ metal base plates, screw/springs $12 for 1 or $20 for both

    Cream “1960” Gibson pickguard w/ mounting bracket $25

    Chrome Graphtech Tone-pros locking bridge (was on a Les Paul for a short time). $45

    Vintage Gibson "harmonica" bridge missing low E saddle (saddles appear to be Graphtech). $20

    Gibson toggle switch unopened in package SOLD!

    2 x Cream pickup mounting rings, bridge and neck $12

    3 x “Poker chip” toggle switch plate (2 x cream, 1 x black) $3 each BOTH CREAM ARE SOLD

    Gibson black switch tip unopened SOLD!

    Gibson cream switch tip loose SOLD!

    Gibson (I believe) Gold top hat knobs $14

    Chrome Gibson Stop tail piece w/ studs $12

    Chrome Gibson LP bridge w/ studs $20

    Wilkinson wrap around tailpiece w/ movable g/b string SOLD!

    Prodigy humbucker, distressed copper cover, neck pickup, 4 conductor wires never installed. Not a Gibson, bought for a project that never happened. $20

    2 x Gibson control circuit board, w/ terminals for connecting switch, pups, jack (one has washers and nuts for controls, and all connectors, while one is missing connectors for pups and no nuts/washers) $45 and $40, respectively

    1 x Gibson control circuit board, as above except w/ Bournes control pots and gold connectors (I was told), with all connectors and nuts/washers $70

    1 set Gibson toggle switch and output jack w/ connectors $40

    1 set of Gibson pickups w/ connectors at ends (I believe 490R and 498T), ready to go $55 each or $100 for both

    1 chrome/steel aftermarket pickguard that is not exact Gibson spacing but lines up pretty well. $10

    2 x collectors pins $5 each

    Gibson cream les paul jack plate. $5

    3 x chrome jack plates, LP style, could be Gibson or any other company so assume not. $3 each.

    Gold metal humbucker rings. Not Gibson. (Screw holes may need to be opened up a bit to allow screws to pass through without getting stuck.) $10

    Gibson electronics backplate (smoked translucent color). $9

    Nut blanks (3 x brass and 2 x aluminum). $4 each.

    REFERENCES. I don't have a lot of feedback here yet, but have some good iTrader feedback at the other site, and have been a solid member of the Ebay community as suho99 for about a dozen years or so, 100% feedback with over 500 feedbacks left. I sold Leon a guitar a few years back, successfully. (Still have that Dean Evo 7?)

    Location is in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    Just hit me up with a PM with questions or if you need more info (maybe I missed something in the pics). Thanks.
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    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    If you also have a black LP pickuard stashed away somewhere, I'd be interested

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    What models/since when has Gibson been using those circuit boards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suho View Post
    (Still have that Dean Evo 7?)


    I fucking loved that guitar!

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    Ryan, I though I might have one but couldn't find it in a final rummage through.

    I did find these two pickguards, though. One is an SG type and the other maybe an ES-335 type? The ES lines up pretty well with the contours of the LP p/g (like maybe 98-99%). Both are some kind of wood veneer on top of plastic, and especially the SG one has some curvage going on from drying of the wood. I was told this was easily remedied with steam, but that might be a bunch of BS.

    Leon, sorry to hear about, man. That sucks.
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    Join Date: Feb 2013
    Location: Capital of NY
    ME: Strandberg Boden7 OS
    MA: 90's era Fender 12 string
    MB: Ibanez ATK300 (MIK)
    Rig: ZT Lunchbox Jr. combo

    iTrader: 5 (100%)

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    What models/since when has Gibson been using those circuit boards?
    There is a set on ebay now with the gold circuit board, claiming to have been taken from a 2008 LP Standard chambered. The complete set I picked up were taken, I believe, from the 50's LP model recently put out (not the one with the p90s). Not sure which other models may have used them.

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