FS: four NOS RFT 12ax7 preamp tubes. Made in East Germany. They have a crunchy tone with early breakup for a great high-gain sound when used in the V1 position.

These were bought two years ago from a top-notch NOS tube store. They've barely been used at all--played only enough to make sure they worked and were quiet for microphonics.

Two of them are higher gain then usual. You can see gain readings written on the boxes by the tube store where I got them.

These sell for $60 + shipping from good NOS tube stores. I'll sell these one for $50 shipped and Paypaled, two for $90, there for $120, and all four for $140. I will ship outside the US if you pay the extra cost.

For references, I have perfect iTrader feedback at sevenstring.org, going back 7 years.