These came on my Suhr Modern, and (ignoring the color) they look and feel identical to my Warmoth's Schaller locking tuners, save that they have a Suhr logo engraved in the thumbscrew:

These were used maybe two months, and for two string installations (the set that came with the guitar, and then my preferred Elixir 10-68 set), and have been in the box my Gotohs shipped in ever since. They're about as clean as you can ask for, and come with all installation screws.

Un-logo'd black Schallers are $15/ea on Warmoth ($90 for 7), and digging around 6-string sets seem to go for $62-$70 on various sites, so how about $55 shipped for all seven? I don't want to break these up, as I'll have no use for an extra tuner.