Stew Mac "Essential Fretting Kit". I bought this a while back when I was doing a lot of guitar repair work and was looking at making a career out of it. A change of profession meant I never used it, beyond opening some of the packets, but nothing has been used. Includes:

Fret Cutter
Deadblow Fretting Hammer
Fret Leveling File, 6"
Double-edge Fret File, medium/wide
Fret End Dressing File
Fret Dressing Stick with 8 belts (2 of each grit)
Fret Rocker
Fret Work Step-By-Step, 2nd edition

Importing this at current rates, including duty and VAT, comes to just over 180 (not including the weeks you'd have to wait for it). 130 delivered to you lovely people.

Probably not viable for peeps outside of the UK.

Contrary to what my profile says, I'm based in Manchester, but I'll be damned if I'm not being known as Scottish.