Faber (Germany) Gold ABR Bridge and Lightweight Locking Tailpiece - Nashville Size/Specs - designed for Nashville bridges/setups. I installed this on my 2000 Gibson Les Paul Custom and it transformed the guitar into a MONSTER! A major upgrade. I have since traded/sold the guitar though, so these are no longer required and are sitting around gathering dust in the 'parts drawer'. Only 3 months old, good as new. Faber stuff is just 10x better than any Gibson hardware and about 1/4 of the weight. It's embarrassing really!

Got feedback here, SS and Jemsite. The usual user ID, I've been around long enough.

Lets say 40. Cost me double that 3 months ago so this is a bargain upgrade for anybody with a Gibson Les Paul. Would also trade the lot for an EMG 81x, 85x or 60x you have lying around in black. International fine by me too.