The dude who bought this for his Explorer had his buzz ruthlessly killed when he found out upon receiving it that E2s use the '76 reissue shape pickguards instead of the regular explorer ones.

So you know. Never installed, like new, etc. etc. etc. Pretty sweet pickguard, these run like $70 new.

The brand is Toneguard. Which is the number one name in andonized aluminum pickguards for explorers according to the google search I did shortly before buying this. I don't know how it actually guards your Tone. I assume like, if something is cramping your Tone's style or threatening it, the Toneguard stares at it menacingly. If that doesn't make it back down. WELL HOLY SHIT, WOE TO WHATEVER WAS THREATENING YOUR TONE. Because guess what? The Toneguard springs into action. It straight up gauges out that motherfuckers eyes with it's fingernails. It sweeps the leg with the sickest fucking karate roundhouse kick you have ever fucking seen. There are babes watching at this point and they are totally near orgasm, by the way, because the street fight going down is that intense. When Toneguard's opponent is finally on the ground, Toneguard straight up does this fucking wolf howl at the full moon and says,


Toneguard leaves the thing that just threatened your tone fucking writhing on the ground, and it speeds off in its Camaro with the Tonethreat's girlfriend for a night of what Toneguard calls, "Sensitive boning time".

Here's the actual product page.

Gibson Explorer

$35 shipped CONUS

You better believe this pickguard is so fucking sweet I contemplated buying another Explorer just so I could use it. But at the end of the day, fiscal responsibility was a bitch like usual.