Clearing house of stuff I don't use/need anymore, so you get to benefit!

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Monster performer 500 XLR cable - not sure of the length, I think 20 feet or so? $25 shipped in the US.

Two EMG 707's - includes mounting screws, these are the quik connect style. Looks to include some cables and one volume pot - $50 shipped in the US.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - SOLD!

5-way YM-30 switch - SOLD!

Various strings - GONE!

Generic allparts 7-string flat fixed bridge - GONE!

Planet waves planet lock strap - SOLD!

Dunlop D38 strap - $10 shipped in the US

Planet waves bass strap - older style - SOLD!

Planet waves "textures" strap - $10 shipped in the US

Monster rock cable - older style, around 20 feet or so I think? $25 shipped in the US