A little project I just recently (2 weeks ago?) bought but changed my mind. I was going to swap this with the body on my RG7420, but I decided to go another direction and I'd prefer the cash rather than letting this thing collect dust in my basement.

From what I understand, it's a Universe-esque RG7 body like what Perle or those other guys sell on ebay; so it's sorta "fresh off the CNC" shape (will need finish sanding).

I didn't get a lot of details but if it's true to form, it appears to be basswood, obviously routed for a Floyd Rose (from my understanding, that means it should fit the Lo-TRS7, Lo-Pro Edge 7, Original Edge 7, Edge Pro 7 and an OFR7 or FR Special 7), H-S-H, 'lever' style selector switch and two pots. Like most other similar copies, I'd assume it takes any RG7X2X type neck.

There's a little bit of tearout behind the treble side bridge stud (pictured) the seller assured me is totally stable. From experience repairing similar issues, I'd say that's likely accurate.

Anyway, I'm looking to just get back what I paid (which was a good deal), $65 shipped and PP'd in the CONUS.