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Thread: Profit from my mistake and take this immaculate beauty home

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    Profit from my mistake and take this immaculate beauty home

    That's right, your eyes do not deceive you, it's a NEW SKB Universal Superstrat type case.

    How did I come into possession of such a beauty you might ask? Well I was ordering a case for my bass a couple months back, and apparently accidentally clicked the one for guitar instead. It showed up and I was going to return it, but some time sensitive shit came up shortly after and it got pushed aside. Besides the fact it's almost definitely outside of the 30 day return period, I don't want to bother with return shipping and restocking fees and shit I'd rather just sell it to someone cool.

    Literally the only use this has had is me bringing a bass near it and realizing I had ordered the wrong thing. It still has the shroud thing and everything.

    You can store things in here that aren't guitars too. Really versatile that way. Perhaps you have a deed to your house you would like to store in here? In an emergency situation it could even function as an urn. You can store a very flat fish like a manta ray in here, because the TSA are dicks about those things. You have to figure out how to keep it alive, but with this case the sky is the limit. I'm not going to make any promises here, but I am pretty sure it would also keep a large pizza hot on a cold day.

    Also remember that scene in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom where they need to use a raft as an impromptu sled because they are dropping from a plane onto a snowy mountain? Yeah, I am pretty sure this case can do the same thing as that raft. You can't fit an asian sidekick on here, or a love interest, and you will probably shatter your bones on impact but that's still an amazing feature most other products in the sub $2k range don't have.

    It's really protective. I mean, it probably couldn't block a bullet, but a semi sharp spear from some sort of tribal warrior? Yeah, that shit will never touch your guitar. Also, it's black, and everyone knows you should always bet on black.

    I use these cases for all my guitars I want to protect, Explorer, superstrat, whatever . Short of a $300 custom road case these are the nicest cases you can buy. Exact same as the "Jackson" Engraved one. Should fit all strats/superstrats/etc.

    $90 Shipped CONUS, I paid ~$115 and it is pretty much as close to new as possible.

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    So I wanted to comment and say this may be the best for sale thread ever!

    I am not interested though because my lady on the side nor my Asian man whore can fit so that's disappointing to say the least!

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    If this fit a 28.625" scale 7-string, I would buy this.
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